Saturday, September 1, 2012

Testing the waters. SeattleMRA's First poster run.

'Men's rights are human rights' and 'DV stats' posters. Cap Hill area. 

We had 100 posters, most of them being the Men's Rights Are Human Rights posters. We worked the capital hill neighborhood of Seattle. Known for its two colleges, one, a public community college, the other, a prestigious private catholic university, and for its overwhelming mix of gay and feminist population.

We started at one Starbucks, and ended at another, covering over 20 blocks of the main strip.

Of course, the obv question, did anything exciting happen? Well, yes, overall, 5 posters were torn down before we finished the four hour run that we know of, three we saw happen. But i'll get to that in a bit. here is the photos from the adventure

Starting off strong, 

 We found some random board where people put posters. Ours is above the 318 lb ripped poster in the center

Some more

Two for one! That means it will last twice as long, right? 

And now the interesting part:

Discovering enemy territory:


 "Throughtout the ages, women with no access to safe abortion used hangers because they had no option. many died, never again"

 All the pink paint? covering up other posters. They have claimed this as a safe space I guess. Non-feminist posters get pink'ed

 That poster got too close, it was pink'ed all over.

 Close ups.

 Around the corner.

 More poster censoring...  wait, is that the R word?

Why yes, yes it is. Oh and look, its a grrrrrrl army, extra rrrrs for extra jimmies rustled

 More photos of the enemy's den:

Black spray paint says "our bodies"


Now, on to the drama.

We put a few posters up in the lions den, then walked to other side of the street to poster up some power line poles that had it coming. I tell Erasmus and G-O that I realized we never took photos of our brave endeavour. and start to head back to snap some photos only to find one girl who had watched us put them up while pretending to be looking at the wall in awe was now tearing them down. The video of this was blocked by a car (we could see through its window, but you can't in the video.) Oping to avoid a confrontation, and because our parking meters were about to expire, we headed back to our starting point. Plus, their was the whole other side of Broad way that needed to be postered. We will come back to the lion's den later.

This was mostly uneventful, but!

On the way back to the lions we found this:

Turns out: Two for one means it gets taken down twice as quick. Who knew?
I guess Men's Rights aren't Human Rights (oddly enough, no matter what direction you headed from this pole, you would run into another poster, but none of those were torn down.)

We decided to add more tape.

We also decided after the fact, that in light of recent events, we are going to change our competitor coupon policy. Seattle MRA will now also accept competitor discounts, sells, promotions, and specials. Such as dannyboy's 2for1 special.
The new policy takes effect starting next poster run.

When we got back to the lion's den we found something new written near our posters, I can't find the pic of this but it should be in the 2.3gb video file so I'll update when i go thru the rest of that after some sleep. It basically said "respect our blah" (the last word could not be read, the feminist who wrote it and tore down our posters was really angry and it affected her penmanship.)

For our re-postering of the lion's den we opted to staple the poster up, then cover it with tape, then put staples all around the edge of the tape.

Right over a "Take Patriarchy by storm" poster.

Thats all for photos, i'll see if the video feed has any gems in it after i get some sleep.


  1. Nice work, photos of people tearing down posters is a must. Shame them.

  2. "respect our blah" seems to be hilariously fitting, since many of the things in that lion's den are just that: blah blah blah.

  3. Great Job guys,
    Watch your backs and always try and do this in a group.
    Enjoyed the pics immensely.

  4. Tip: Next time you put up posters/stickers, put them up first, tape all over them, then use a small knife to cut them into lots of pieces. Makes them a lot harder to tear down, as there are more pieces to move.

  5. ohh and home made glue is where its at, at least in Hamilton ;)

  6. Outstanding! Give them hell, Seattle MRAS!

  7. This is wonderful news, to know that the energy is spreading southward from Vancouver!

  8. Use them a sbait to get photos. Post one, go hide, wait. Post phots here or on r/MensRights or some similar place.

  9. Get the fuck out of my city. We don't want you, you're not edgy, you're not cool. You're a circlejerking bunch of assholes who don't seem to understand how awful you're being. I could try to have a discourse with you, but that never seems to work.

    So get the fuck out of my city.

    1. Actually, Seattle needs more men and women who understand that gender issues are a two way street. And seeing how nothing they posted here was malicious or hateful, and looking at your juvenile statement, how about YOU get out of our city. Human consciousness is expanding without you. Much like previous generations of bigotry, ignorance will be banished.